Jul 4, 2020

Manes That Give Us Fireworks

When it comes to giving us fireworks, several colors and textures have us bursting with hair goals. Cue the Katy Perry. This Independence Day, we appreciate some manes that have us admiring with our jaws to the floor and eyes bright open. Standard OLAPLEX love means these heads have healthy, shiny, stunning hair on top, be it via color, texture, or style! You may have also guessed; this includes show-stopping transformations! Thes hues don’t have to be red white and blue to set us off, here are some mega manes that make us swoon:

Natural Mavens

Photo: @comegetyacurl has gorgeous OLAPLEX curls!

Our love for natural hair never gets old, especially with show-stopping ringlets like these! OLAPLEX is a curls best friend. For gorgeous curls, apply OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector to damp hair once weekly for a minimum of ten minutes then shampoo and condition. We’ve seen fabulous results for those who keep it on thirty minutes! Some of the most impressive #OlaplexJourney moments are manes that have gone from years of thermal styling and chemical relaxers to natural. As we always say, OLAPLEX is not a magic wand, however, with patience and lots fo OLA-love, we’ve seen the saddest loose spring back to grand finale like hair.

Hair by: @curlpop Model: @msalexisjeanette 

Platinum Goals

Photo & color by @nafisthebarber on @brittanysmason with the help of OLAPLEX.
Photo and color by @yazer_i on @jazmynejoy_ using OLAPLEX


Model: @lanimcguire Style: @serratostyle

 Via @themonacut on this curly transformation above: “It’s possible! I know your hair is struggling at the moment but hang in there. My beautiful client Lani was determined to get her hair back. We did it in 2 years with consistent haircut maintenance and her own patience and determination. To help you keep your hair in the meantime, you can use @Olaplex No. 3 for your treatments. This helps tremendously with strengthening the hair.” This is a true testament to patience and OLAPLEX! This transformation is one of many sad curls turned happy with a little OLAPLEX and determination to have healthy, gorgeous hair! 

Oh, and nothing is more ASMR for the eyes like a wild color correction, this one is particularly jaw dropping!

Photo & hair:  @martina_haircvlt

Red, White, and Blues

Photo and color:  @boho.blonde.perth

Okay, okay… you didn’t think we’d leave without some red white and blue Independence Day looks did you? All of these looks are gorgeous! We particularly adore the aqua shadow root for those who want just a taste of the wild side, while still rocking healthy platinum locks. All with OLAPLEX every step of the way of course!

Photo: @sullyg_

🌹@olaplex repairs the broken structure of hair caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical, environmental and physiological damage. @olaplexworks great on all hair types and textures to rebuild the foundation of our hair – giving it strength while boosting health and shine! 
Product used: @olaplex N°.3 Hair Perfector

Photo: @slkhair

“She is a natural level 6 I use blondor powder always with 30vol for 60 minutes, ALOT of Olaplex, toner is colour touch 10/6, 10/0 and 10/81!”