Jun 17, 2020

How do you feel when you have gorgeous hair?

You’re gorgeous, your hair is amazing, and you’re ready for anything. There’s nothing quite like the confidence a stunning hair moment gives you. Whether it’s in the salon chair (soon enough again!), after completing an epic style that took you hours of YouTubing, or giving yourself a spa day at home with hair treatments and masks. One of my favorite feelings is post shower in the morning where I do the most with very little. Here’s what I mean; I work with my natural texture and use small amounts of OLAPLEX No.6 and OLAPLEX No.7 to style, I do my natural skincare routine, and I eat a fresh nutritious breakfast and conquer my day feeling healthy inside and out. 

Sometimes all it takes is a really good hair day to make you feel like anything is possible. For many, we are adapting to find new ways to get that post-salon glow at home. This may mean learning new styles like different braids and updos, or learning how to master perfect edges with your baby hairs. I recently spent 2 hours learning how to cornrow on YouTube. I prepped my hair with OLAPLEX No.3, No.6, and No.7 so my hair could be nice and treated while damp in braids. Although my two hour attempt wasn’t successful (yet!), I did come up with a quirky half up half down braid and got a solid OLAPLEX treatment out of my new look. Part of the fun is knowing not everything is going to turn out perfect, but the feeling it gives you, much like how OLAPLEX rebuilds works from the inside out, makes me feel confident and beautiful. 

Do you take note of how you feel when you’re having a good hair day? Do you feel its affects on your mood and confidence? Do you notice your selfie count grow higher on those days? I do and I have to say, I don’t have scientific evidence to back this up, but my research shows when I look good, I feel good. Some days, it takes extra work to look good, and there are definitely days I have bedhead all day and that’s okay too. At a time where everything feels a bit uncertain, what I can make sure of is I’m doing the best to honor myself and feel good. Even if it’s just sprucing up my bedhead with OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil, a little shine and bonding goes a long way!
A combo I’ve been loving is rotating treatments throughout the weeks. For instance, on week one, I’ll devote it to one No.3 treatment with 2-3 washes throughout the week, always styling with No.6 and No.7 after a wash. Then the following week, I’ll do a double treatment with No.3 and No.5 as a conditioning treatment, then follow with No.6 and No.7. I do almost no thermal styling, but once a week to switch it up I’ll mess around with a different styling tutorial and it does wonders to elevate my mood and confidence!

Are you on a hair journey? Is your hair compromised in some way making you feel a bit lackluster? I used to have really fried hair that kept me from doing some things or had me wearing certain styles to hide the damage. Now, OLAPLEX won’t cure your compromised hair overnight, but it certainly will over time. Do little things that create big change like 2-3 OLAPLEX No.3 treatments a week using and experiment with natural hair styles. This means no heat on your hair, giving you the opportunity to rock several ‘dos while treating your hair and feeling fresh! 

There will always be good and bad hair days, some days we’ll choose to stay in bedhead, and others we’ll go all out. Some days are just like doing exercise, we know we should do it and that we will feel amazing afterwards, but it’s getting started that is the hard part. Well, just like fitness, you’ll never regret the a good hair day. You feeling amazing is always worth it.