Jun 16, 2020

Celebrity OLAPLEX Colors & Inspired Styles

Since inception, OLAPLEX has taken Hollywood by storm via the clientele of amazing OLAPLEX Ambassadors like Tracey Cunningham and Justin Anderson. We’ve seen Kim Kardashian go from black to platinum flawlessly, Charlize Theron go back and forth from blonde and brunette, and Emma Stone go from red to blonde to brunette and back again! We know change to the hair whether it be via mechanical, thermal, environmental, or chemical puts stress on the hair, but it’s the major transformations celebrities go through that truly weigh heavily on the hair. Without OLAPLEX, this means major breakage, especially when done back to back as many of these transformations often are. Luckily, our ambassadors have the integrity of all their clients’ hair front and center, so they’re able to use their best judgement when using OLAPLEX to create these epic transformations.

One of the most requested colors in the salon is supermodel Lily Aldridge’s. Her sun-kissed highlights created by Tracey have been a fan favorite for years. The color looks natural, effortless, and it’s low maintenance. Another is Jessica Biel’s honey blonde also by Tracey, perfect for brunettes who want a bit of sparkle in their color!

Pro tip: For color inspiration to show your colorist, search no further than Instagram. Tracey and Justin often share their celebrity color formulations from he likes of A-listers like Margot Robbie, Fergie, Mariah Carey, Lana Del Rey, Chrissy Teigen, Gal Gadot, Khloe Kardashian and more. Here’s a recent one we love on Khloe Kardashian by Tracey:


Redken ShadesEQ use an electric scale when measuring lo’s zone 1 & 2 06nb/25+06n/25 zone 3 & 4 07nb/25+07g/25+08c/5 Hilight hairline only 20vol 1/4 oz OLAPLEX root at the same time with 07nb/25+07p/25+07n leave on for 20 minutes gloss all over 08gg/20+09aa/20+08c/30 3 minutes.

What better way to don fresh color than with a show-stopping style out? Tracey Cunningham does some of our favorite colors ever on Jennifer Lopez, a woman who knows how to rock a style! After your salon blow out has worn off, try some of these celeb inspired looks on your healthy mane! We adore seeing Jennifer Anniston’s her sought after blonde by OLAPLEX Ambassador Justin Anderson in a variety of sleek looks from her iconic straight hair to a sleeked back pony. 

We’ve gathered a few looks inspired by celebs you can recreate at home with OLAPLEX while keeping your hair healthy and in shape!

Beach Waves by Maguy Rosen
JLo inspired half up half down glam by Jake Nugent
Red carpet updo by Nicole Arcorace
Glam waves by Curtis Nielsen
Natural perfection by Hannah Snyder