Apr 23, 2020

4 At Home DIY Hair Fixes

So, you bleached your hair at home. Now what? Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve fallen into a DIY hair disaster like cutting your own bangs, bleaching your hair, perming your hair, or using box color. None of these are ideal, but don’t worry, we’re in strange times and no one blames you for wanting to have some fun. We’re here to help any hair mishaps that come your way!

When boredom strikes, we will experiment with just about anything for a confidence pick-me-up. The most fun and tempting way of all is becoming our own personal mannequins. Should we leave it to the professionals? 100%. 9 times out of 10 you will be spending more money to correct your hair. Will the world end if we didn’t? No, it wont. However, you will become a very patient person throughout the process… if you know what we mean.

Cutting your bangs.

The Betty Paige moment you were going for tuned out less bombshell and more into an explosive mess. The good news is, your hair will grow. Although OLAPLEX won’t help your hair grow, it will make it as healthy as possible, and healthy hair grows! Whether you cut your bangs or went for a full on chop, doing OLAPLEX treatments at home with No.3 will get your hair in the healthiest shape possible until you’re able to see your stylist. Until then, think of rocking some cute hair accessories like clips, headbands or scarves!

Bleaching & coloring your own hair

Shh. You know your colorist would say this is the highest offense of DIY hair. Box colors and bleaches sell the promise of the hair color on the box. Your secret is safe with us. While we don’t recommend fixing your color yourself at home, we can give you some tips to ensure when salons are ready to re-open, you have the healthiest canvas for your colorist to begin correcting. 

The main risks involved with using over the counter box color, is first and foremost, breakage. Although you’re fabulous, the over-the-counter color you have access to is far more harsh on the hair than the professional color your colorist uses. Other at home factors are banding, spots, and brassy color due to the hair not lifting far enough. 99% of the time, this all results in you spending way more money in the salon to correct it. The following are some steps you can take you show some love to your hair before a professional sees it!

OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector will be the starting point to repair your hair. OLAPLEX is a bond multiplier, and the only line of products that can rebuild and re link broken disulfide bonds in the hair creating new, healthy bonds. As OLAPLEX is not a protein or moisture treatment, it cannot be over used. Meaning, the more treatments the better to get your hair in top top shape again. This won’t affect the tonality of your hair, but it will help repair the breakage, one treatment at a time. Keep in mind, one of the dangers of using box color at home, is there is over processing occurring in areas you cannot see. Even if you don’t feel the damage is that bad, do an OLAPLEX treatment once a week before seeing your colorist. 

For the time being, avoid styling with heat, your hair is in a fragile state and any unnecessary heat will only increase the damage and breakage. 
To combat dryness, give yourself a bond building conditioning treatment with OLAPLEX No.5 conditioner. Leave the treatment on 10 minutes. You’ve got this!


Okay, so you really went for it. Those curling rods sure look fun! The best thing you can do for your hair is to give  your hair some r&r with OLAPLEX No.3 treatments. Until then, if a texture change is what you desire, try braiding your hair and letting it set for a day. Use OLAPLEX No.6 as a leave-in while you do it then finish with some hair spray. When you let your hair down the next day you’ll have some gorgeous waves!