Apr 20, 2020

How To Help Your Color Last Longer During Lockdown

You’re pushing the salon doors open, a distant hair god queues the Beyonce wind, and you feel an inexplicable urge for a dramatic hair flip… this is otherwise known as what happens when you get your color done. While these side effects may last a couple of weeks, every time you wash your hair, a little sparkle fades away into the drain. Perhaps you pre-gamed a little too hard with your curling iron one night, too. We’re talking about the fade period. It starts with your tone getting a little lighter one week and ends with a little more updo styling than usual until your next salon visit. 
As indispensable as your colorist is, color care and maintenance is also an essential job, which means get your notebook and pen handy–– you’re hired. 

While some may believe fading is an inevitable part of the color process, there are likely things you’re doing to accelerate the fade. “But I use a color safe shampoo and conditioner” you say and we hear you. The good news is you’re likely already taking action to preserve your color, these tips will just ensure your efforts aren’t counterproductive.

Step away from the heat.

OLAPLEX Ambassador and color specialist, Bianca Hillier, advises to “avoid excessive thermal styling. The more often you use heat on your hair, the more your colour will begin to dull and fade.” Whether you’re getting ready for a Zoom hang with your girl friends, a work meeting, or to the grocery store; opt for natural styles to prevent your color from fading. 

OLAPLEX Treatments.

The healthier your hair is, the more healthy bonds color can attach to, making an OLAPLEX treated mane the perfect canvas for color. “Repair your hair while at home by using Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector,” says Hillier, “try saturating your hair once a week and see the benefits!”

Photo: @gracehill_hair

Cool rinse.

Okay, this one is tough. Warm showers are the camp-side fire to our quarantine’d days, but this tip is really a game changer. Think about putting your colored clothes into the wash; to prevent them from fading, you turn on the cold water setting. If you set the washer to warm or hot, we both know that white shirt of yours is coming out pink. The way clothes color on your hair fades is no different. The cooler the water, the more it preserves color. Plus, studies show cold showers reduce stress and improve the immune system; who doesn’t love a multi-tasker?

Professional Shampoo and Conditioner.

“Take care of your hair colour by using professional shampoos and conditioners. Using professional shampoos like Olaplex No.4 will help nourish and bring life back into your hair.” says Hillier. 

Wash your hair less.

You might have noticed a lot of these tips are washing related. Cool rinsing or not, the more frequently you wash your hair, the quicker it will fade. In addition to washing your hair with cool water, try going longer in between washes. If you’re a daily washer, try every other day, if you wash a few times a week, try washing twice weekly. 

Photo: @michaelsebastian1

Colored shampoo.

“I recommend a coloured shampoo or conditioner if your hair is in need of a tone refresh,” says Hillier. This tip may give you a mini fix before you’re able to visit the salon again.

Shower Filter.

If you live in an area with hard water, this is one of the best investments you can make towards your hair. Hard water has high mineral content, which can cause color to fade as well as tinting it orange or green. Although rainbow colors are super fun, these aren’t the tones you want. Not only will a filter help maintain the integrity of your color, it will also reduce the gritty, damaged hair feel that comes with washing in hard water.