Apr 17, 2020

Keeping Your Hands In Hair

Now is the perfect time to reconnect with the intention behind your craft. For hairdressers their artwork transcends beyond the chair, from the confidence it brings their clients, to the inspiration it gives others for their own transformations. As the weeks go by, you may be confronted with feelings of stagnancy––don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to help you keep your hands and mind inspired and in hair as much as possible!


Free live hair education! 1-2 weekly we go live with OLAPLEX Ambassadors and Los Angeles colorists on facebook.com/olaplex. We feature a technique and colorist to walk our audience though a service whether it be a balayage highlight, bleach and tone, gloss, foils, or base color. Viewers can ask the colorist questions in real time and get live answers about how and why the colorist does what they do best!


OLAPLEX Users Group is a private professional hair community on Facebook with over 105,000 OLAPLEX users including Team OLAPLEX. This group was created to empower one another through the art we create with OLAPLEX. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have about using OLAPLEX including troubleshooting, formulations, and most importantly, support and encouragement!


olaplex.com is an incredible resource for all things OLAPLEX and hair inspiration. Live chat with our team regarding any OLAPLEX inquiries you have 5 days a week. Visit the Hair Stories blog for celebrity color formulations from our ambassadors, inspiring stories, interviews, trends, and all things HAIR. Catch up on eduction with our education center with helpful guidance and tips on how to use the OLAPLEX system. Sign up for the OLAPLEX affiliate program and earn 35% commission by selling OLAPLEX at home!


So many of our favorite colorists and stylists are taking to Instagram Live to teach their tips and tricks to their followers! Take this time to follow some inspiring accounts that are going live with techniques you can apply back in the salon. @olaplex is doing them too!


Quarantined at home? Whip out a doll head and get to work! OLAPLEX Ambassador Chad Kenyon has been keeping busy balayaging doll heads. This is such a great way to apply the techniques learned above in real life!