Dec 23, 2016

This Holiday Style is SO Easy!

Whether you’re going to a New Years bash or a mellow holiday gathering with family and friends, this look has the versatility to take you through any night. We teamed up with one of our favorite stylists, Joseph Orozco at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills for a no fuss tutorial on classic glam waves. This Old Hollywood look is a classic, tailor made for festive affairs.

img_9443 img_9453 img_9456

Start with clean hair. Joseph’s model, Jenny, was due for a trim. To do so, prior to styling, Joseph cut her hair with Olaplex No. 2 to give her a mini treatment while cutting.

img_9466 img_9472 img_9488 img_9495

Pour a small amount of Olaplex No. 3 into your hands and work into the hair as a blow dry or styling cream. This give the hair a mini treatment, strengthening the bonds of the hair internally, and makes for more manageable styling. Blow dry or style the hair until smooth. Now that you have a blank canvas, use use a medium sized curling iron. Joseph used a 1 1/4″ Hot Tools marcel curling iron for this specific look. You can use the iron that best suits your hair length and comfort level.


img_9503 img_9507

Take one inch sections of hair and wrap each section around the iron– end the wrap two inches off of the scalp. Your curls should look spirally (think Sweet 16). Don’t worry, they wont stay like this for long! Once complete, spray the curls with a dry texture spray, then carefully brush out the curls with a brush. The spirally curls should turn into smooth, uniform waves.

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For a video clip of this tutorial, click here.

Joseph Orozco is a stylist in Los Angeles, California. You can find him at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills and on Instagram @hair_byjoseph